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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 10, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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it should be something to watch from danville, kentucky. thanks for inviting us in. that's it for this "special report," as always, fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" on-line and we have a lot to talk about tonight and it starts in four seconds. >> shep: this is the fox report. breaking to me, a massive security breach in a college in florida. hackers stealing hundreds of thousands of confidential records. plus, more questions about the state of security. in libya, the day terrorists murdered our ambassador. a former security commander in libya says the consulate did not have enough protection. >> attacks were on the increase. in june, the ambassador received a threat on facebook. >> after acquiring the compound we made a number of security upgrades. >> now the state department confirms the attack did not start out as a protest as u.s.
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officials originally claimed. >> it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transfired in cairo. >> certainly we're going to get to the bottom of ambassador rice's false statement. >> if any administration official, including any career official, were on television on sunday, september 16, they would have said what ambassador rice said. >> tonight the latest on the search for answers. plus, a passenger accused of bringing one heck of an arsenal onto a flight to the u.s. a grenade, a hatchet, gas mask, body bags, and that is just the beginning. and a warning about phony air bags that could be dangerous in a crash. >> these are counterfeit air bags perpetrated and created by criminals. >> tonight what the feds say drivers need to know. i'm bill hemmer in for shepard
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smith. we begin with accusation of an adequate security at the libyan consulate where gunmen killed four americans including our ambassador. the former head of a u.s. military team in libya was among those ho testified before congress, lieutenant colonel andrew wood saying on september 11, the consulate in benghazi never had enough security to protect the diplomats who worked there. >> the security in benghazi was a struggle and remained a struggle throughout my time there. the situation remained uncertain and reports from some libyans indicated it was getting worse. diplomatic security remained weak. in april there was only one u.s. diplomatic security agent stationed there. >> a former regional security officer in libya saying he's worried this attack is a sign of more trouble to come there. >> i had not seen an attack of such velocity previously in libya, nor in my time with the diplomatic service. i'm concerned this attack
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signals a new security reality. just as the 1983 beirut marine barracks bombings did for the marines. in 1998 east africa embassy did for the state department, and 9-11 did for our entire country. >> that officer also saying most of his requests for more security resources in libya were considered and approved, but he previously told house investigators that a state department official, who oversees diplomatic security, was trying to keep the number of personnel in benghazi, quote, artificially low. today that state department official saying that's a constant process. the judge just how much security each facility requires. >> i work closely with more than 275 facilities around the world, determining the right level of security for each one is intensive, ongoing, constantly evolving process. >> that state department official, charlene lamb, along with another administration official in charge of diplomatic
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security, both admitting today that they never visited libya, but lamb insists the government had the correct number of assets in benghazi at the time of those attacks. critics clearly disagree with that. we have team fox coverage. ed henry covering criticism, the administration and its response. first, the katherine herrage with more on today's testimony and in that testimony, a lot of blame to go around. >> bill, thank you. through newly released e-mails and testimony, one theme dominated. official in washington was preoccupied with reducing the number of american security personnel and replacing with libyan guards even after attacks on diplomats. for the military and state department diplomatic security personnel on the ground, a terrorist strike on the consulate seemed inevitable. requests for more security ultimately rejected and the bureaucratic nightmare of political washington. >> it's not the hardships, not the gun fire, it's not the threats. it's dealing and fighting
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against the people, programs and personnel who are supposed to be supporting me. i added it by saying for me, the taliban is on the inside of the building. >> within the last hour, ambassador kennedy, the most senior state department official to testify today before the oversite committee responding. >> i am extremely, extraordinarily proud of the diplomatic security service. these are individuals i worked with for almost 40 years. they are the best of the best. they're extraordinary professionals. and i was surprised to hear language like that used. >> the ambassador took the questions 90 minutes after the hearing ended and there was unhappiness at stake over kennedy's performance today. >> republicans led that hearing. what did they say? >> right out of the gate, the ranking member accusing republicans of cutting democrats out of last weekend's fact finding mission to libya and that it was lawmakers who
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rejected calls from the president to fund more security. >> the fact is since 2011, the house has cut embassy security by hundreds of millions of dollars. below the amounts requested by the president. , the house has done that. the final amounts were far below the administration's requests. >> what was stunning today in the testimony was this undercurrent that a terrorist attack on that consulate really seemed a foregone conclusion to those handling security on the ground there, bill. >> where are we tonight? is there really no question as to how this began? >> top republicans on the committee laying out the facts. fox news was first to report on september 17 that there was no demonstration at the consulate. that single piece of reporting severely undercut the administration's narrative that the attack was a demonstration that spun out of control. >> there was no protest. and cameras reveal that and the state department, the f.b.i. and
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others have that video. speaking of video, the one in california made by an individual and out there for a period of time also clearly had no direct effect on this attack. >> when i was in libya, good part of the day, never once did a person ever mention a video. never. >> two documents obtained by congressional investigators, we now know that there were at least 230 security related incidents in the year leading up to the attack on the consulate in benghazi. at the hearing today, we heard from lieutenant colonel wood who recently oversaw a military security team in libya. >> it was apparent to me that we were the last flag flying in benghazi. we were the last thing on their target list. >> what we also heard today, a fact that was reported by fox news at thend of september,
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is that the consulate in benghazi did not meet the specific physical standards mandated by the state department for a posting that is high risk for terrorism and high risk for civil unrest, bill. >> a dangerous country. thank you, reporting in washington. the white house has taken a lot of heat for how it reacted to the attack in libya and how officials characterize the killings. ed henry has that story live from the white house tonight. it sounds like. >> it shifted its story yet again tonight. >> that's right. based on what you heard from katherine's reporting, based on what's happening at this hearing on the hill, it was clear that the state department, at the very beginning after the attack on 9-11, did not believe this was a protest gone awry. that's different from what the white house said for a couple of weeks after the attack. pressed jay carney today. he said on 9-12, the president did mention that the terror may be involved and that's true, in the rose garden, he briefly mentioned. then carney tried to sort of rewrite things and suggest that
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the white house's story all along was that this was terror and not a protest. >> why were you at this podium for several days saying we don't know if it's terrorism. >> i never said that. i never said we don't know if it's terrorism. >> in fact, as you know, carney did several times say that they were not aware that it was terrorism, in fact, they thought it was a protest coming out of this anti-muslim film and most infamously ambassador susan rice said that on five sunday talk shows on september 16, five days after the attack. this is another example of how the white house has really struggled to get its story straight. >> when that comes, the republicans jump all over it. how are they reacting tonight? >> absolutely. one of the republican senators who just came back from libya today said he believes that the reason why the white house hasn't gotten its story straight is that it's close toen a election, that there was a terrorist attack in libya on the president's watch and they didn't want to admit that. take a listen. >> susan rice, five days later, there is no question, no
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question beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was known differently that this was not about any film and i think she candidly, my theory and i don't know, we'll find out, somebody will quite a book about this, i guess, at some point. but i think she was thrown under the bus. >> jay carney flatly rejected that today when i asked him about it. he said politics was not involved here, but that the real reason why the story has changed is that new facts have been emerging as its investigation unfolded. >> we're 27 days away from an election. is there any evidence that this is having an impact on the president? >> yes, the president is taking a hit. who do you trust more on foreign policy? before that debate last week, the president had an edge of 52% to 41. now down to 49-43, a little hit there. on his handling of libya, the president has 37% of the american people approving. while 46% disapprove of his handling of libya. that shows a problem for him.
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>> ed henry, thank you. more on this tomorrow morning on "america's newsroom." tonight tragedy in a florida college. a garage collapsing, killing two people and police say a work could be trapped in the wreckage for days. plus, the supreme court hears the case that could lead to big changes for students applying to college in america. she says a major university rejected her because she's white. and she's taking her legal battle to the highest court in the land. >> i hope the court rules that a student's race and ethnicity should not be considered. they're trying to put together a highly qualified group of students with the diverse background. >> coming up, what the case could mean for campuses across the country. welcome aboard!
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>> bill: breaking news. word of a massive cyber security breach affecting hundreds of thousands of people. officials at northwest florida state college on the panhandle say hackers stole nearly 300,000
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records belonging to current and former students andloyees. those records containing social security numbers and bank account information ask a lot more. phil keating live on that story in south florida. how many confirmed victim there is so far? good evening. >> good evening. no named suspects yet. but tonight 60 confirmed i.d. theft and financial theft victims so far, both the size and enormity of this breach, while the potential for victims out there is exponentially greater than this. investigators believe one or more very professional coordinated hackers attacked the information cash, working through multiple files on the school's server and combined those files to piece together like a puzzle 300,000 identities. here are the numbers. 76,000 northwest florida state college student records. 200,000 records of florida bright future scholarships from the 05-06 school year and 06-07 school year.
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and 3,000 college employee records, including the school's president. >> in this instance when you've taken people's identity and stolen money, i hope the criminal consequences are pretty significant. >> the data stolen includes names, social security numbers, birth dates and very importantly here, their direct deposit account information that's the way these hackers have already been stealing the money from these victims through their direct deposit checking accounts and by the way, the federal trade commission ranks florida number one when it comes to i.d. fraud. >> bill: now they have it again. thank you. two people are dead after a section of a parking garage under construction collapsed in florida. it happened this afternoon at miami-dade community college. at least ten of those workers hurt there. one witness says the roof of a five-story garage fell to the ground like a house of cards. >> i just seen a lot of smoke, the building shaking, and it
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just started collapsing. >> were you in there? >> no, i was working outside on the boom but i had a clear view. >> did you see people run out? >> yeah, everybody did. >> bill: rescuers freed one worker. but fire officials say another worker is still trapped in the rubble. they say a paramedic and doctor are with that person. it might take days to get him out. authorities say that no students were in the area at the time and investigators do not know what caused this. the supreme court debate ago case that could lead to new limits on affirmative action on college campuses. 22-year-old abigail fisher says she did not get in the university of texas because she is white. university officials say that they're trying to make sure they have diversity on campus, but opponents call the policy illegal discrimination. shannon breen live tonight. how did the university defend its race-based admissions policy before the justices today? >> bill, it's got a multi-tiered system. it first admits anyone who finishes in the top 10% of their
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class in a texas high school. when you get o that next tier, race is one of many factors that are considered when they look at the candidates still vying for the remaining opening position. what the university says it's the nuance, wholistic approach, that it's completely constitutional and in line with supreme court precedents. here is what the university's president said after the arguments. >> we made the case that the university of texas has crafted an admission policy that includes race as one of many factors and that meets the strict guidelines established by this court. >> universities all across the country lined up in step with university of texas in austin, filing briefs in its position today and offering a their support here at the supreme court, bill. >> bill: we're hearing the university's lawyer took a lot of heat today. is that right, shannon? >> absolutely did. the minute he stepped up to the podium, he was under a constant barrage of questions.
4:19 pm
but also judges asking why if you have two identically qualified candidates should get a plus or extra bonus simply because they happen to be african-american or hispanic? and if in today's age that's fair. you heard the plaintiff, a white female who was a teen-ager when she brought the case, she said that isn't fair because she missed out on a slot because of it. that's why she brought this lawsuit. shear what her attorney had to say. >> she had the courage and the perseverance to stand up for equality, to stand up for what was right, to stand up for the guarantee that is fundamental to all of us, that we're entitled to the equal protection of the laws. >> bit way, the one to watch in this case is justice anthony kennedy. today he had very tough questions for both sides. >> bill: we will. thank you. shannon breen with the supreme court. it's the part of your car you never think about until you need it. now a warning that thousands of air bags in cars across the country could be fake and they may not protect new a crash. plus, millions of cars were called. ahead, what's behind the problem
4:20 pm
here and how to know whether or not it affects your car. that's all coming up tonight on the fox report.
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>> bill: you might be driving a car with a defective air bag. that's the warning today from federal safety regulators. they say people had replaced their air bags in the past three years may have gotten a fake instead. rick leventhal live in our news room in new york city. how in the world did this happen, rick? >> apparently people will counterfeit almost anything these days. this warning affects a small percentage of vehicles and seatbelts are still a driver's primary protection. but this is an extreme safety risk, releasing video showing counterfeit air bags failing.
4:24 pm
it's in up with tenth of 1% of the vehicles on the road. potentially tens of thousands of people with air bags that could fail. if you had an air bag replaced at a dealership, you should be fine. but if you had the work done at an auto repair shop or recently bought a used car, you could be in trouble. immigration officials are actually taking the lead in trying to stop the illegal sales. >> this is literally an assault on u.s. industry. everything that can be made or manufactured can be counterfeit and if you can sell it for profit, the criminals will do that and there is absolutely no reason why counterfeiters would focus on one particular brand or one particular kind of air bag if they can counterfeit it, they will and they do. >> so they recommend you get an inspection. that should cost $100 per vehicle. but the new air bags would cost considerably more. >> bill: if you're suspicious of your own car, how will people know if they have a counterfeit bag? >> that's part of the problem because you can't see it in your car and even if you could, it's hard to tell if they're fake.
4:25 pm
drivers are encouraged check the government web site for a list of vehicles affected. you see some of them. it includes well over 100 models from a couple dozen manufacturers, including buicks, chevies, fords, almost every import, so it really comes down to if you've had air bags replaced and when and where that work was done, bill. >> bill: rick, thank you. you can go to our web site for a full list of the makes and models that rick is talking that that could have the counterfeit air bags at toyota rolling out its latest recall. it's a massive one, too. the japanese auto maker recalling more than 7 million vehicles all due to a faulty window switch. here there is 2.5 million vehicles. those vehicles are the following: camry and camry hybrids from 2007 through 2009. the 2007 and 2008 yaris, 2009 matrix, the 2008 highnd lar
4:26 pm
and hybrid. the 2008-2009 sequoia. sion from 08 and 09. rev 4. 2007 and 2009 tundra trucks. the recall is because of a manufacturing glitch with the window power switch that could lead to smoke and possibly fire. no injuries reported, but toyota reports it will contact owners of all the affected models. for more information there is a on it, head to our web site. you can get that information on-line, too. counting down until tomorrow's high stakes debate between the vp candidates. in a moment, the obama team raising questions about congressman ryan that he claims he's identified the vice president's achille's heel. that's coming up [ male announcer ] this is rudy.
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>> bill: an iconic ride at one of the nation's oldest theme parks fell to the ground today. of course, to make room for a new one. watch it here. there she goes. crews imploding a 200-foot tall texas shoot outat six flags in articleton, texas. the texas sky screamer replaces it next year.
4:31 pm
it's 40 stories tall. it will offer a panoramic view of downtown fort worth and dallas there in texas. i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. governor mitt romney gaining ground on president obama. a brand-new fox news poll, the governor has gained six points among likely voters since the first debate. he has a one point lead now. that's a statistical tie. but the poll also shows the governor's approval rating jumping four points. he now tops the president by one point there. and this time tomorrow night the running mates will be getting ready for their one and only debate in danville, kentucky. congressman paul ryan arriving late today in the bluegrass state ask said he's looking forward to his prime time faceoff. >> what i'm excited about is we get to offer the american people a very fair choice. joe biden has been on this stage before. he's been on these big stages. it's my first time. but what he can't run is president obama's indefensible record. they're offering a more of the
4:32 pm
same. >> bill: tonight the obama team is asking this, quoting now, whether congressman ryan will stand by the extreme positions he and governor romney hold or if he'll dishonestly try to hide his positions by telling voters the exact opposite of what he and mitt romney have run on just like romney did last week. carl cameron is traveling with the governor. he just wrapped autopsy rally in ohio. good evening to you. he was talking today about his position on abortion. how did that come up, carl? >> yesterday when we were in ohio, governor romney was asked by one register to talk about his abortion position and he said he didn't know of any legislation that might come up that would affect his agenda. that caused an instant slam from the obama campaign who suggested romney was changing his position. back in 2005, he was pro-choice prior to that and became pro-life. today on the campaign trail here in ohio, mr. romney was asked again to clarify and this is kind of hard to hear. it was a very crowded restaurant in delaware, ohio. here is what he said.
4:33 pm
>> i think i said time and again, i'm a pro-life candidate. i'll be a pro-life president. the actions i'll take immediately are to remove funding for planned parenthood, will not be part of my budget. and also i've indicated i'll reverse the mexico city position of theeinstate the mexico city policy. >> the mexico city policy refers to a long-standing ban on u.s. dollars going to overseas abortions in terms of u.s. aid to other countries. president obama rescinded that ban here in sydney, ohio, big crowd. 7200 people and a chilly night. mitt romney has been shaking hands for the last 20 minutes with a very enthusiastic crowd. the rally is overment the grip and grin is on. >> bill: it looks like fall is in the air there. the vp candidates will be debating tomorrow night. what did the president say today given the bounce in the polls that we've taken notice since debate number one last week?
4:34 pm
>> right. both campaigns recognize tomorrow night's vice presidential debate could be one of the most consequential meetings of the number two candidates in many, many years. today president obama essentially said that he did a bad job in last week's debate. he acknowledged mitt romney did a pretty good job, but the president argued that the fundamentals of the election haven't really changed. this is a reference to the poll that suggest mitt romney moved up both nationally and in some key battle ground states, including some polls that show he's winning in the buckeye state. ohio for mr. romney is a must win. no republicans ever got into the white house without winning here first. the romney campaign says they're very happy with the condition of the fundamentals. they think they've dramatically shifted and the next 27 days are headed in their direction, bill. >> bill: thank you. carl cameron in ohio. thank you. we're getting a new look at the stage for tomorrow night's vice presidential showdown. this is in danville, ken, southwest of lexington. you can see the debate live here on fox news channel. our coverage starts tomorrow night, just a tick before 9:00
4:35 pm
o'clock eastern time and shep will be there, too. anchor studio b in the afternoon and the fox report live in danville, kentucky and then on your local fox station. check your local listings for that. the defense secretary, leon panetta, confirming that the united states has deployed american troops to help jordan with a civil war across its northern border in syria. this marks the strongest u.s. military response yet to syria's 19 month long civil war. a u.s. defense official saying more than 100 military planners and other troops now operating from a joint u.s. jordanian military center, north of the capital city of amman. that's less than 35 miles from jordan's border with syria. this follows several days of cross border attacks between syria and turkey. a troubling sign that the syrian civil war could explode into a wider conflict. today secretary panetta saying the u.s. is helping jordan deal with tens of thousands of refugees out of syria and
4:36 pm
getting ready for any potential syrian escalation. >> that's the reason we have our -- a group of our force there is working to help them build a headquarters there and to insure that we make the relationship between the united states and jordan a strong one so that we can deal with all of the possible consequences of what's happening in syria. >> activists say the civil war killed more than 30,000 people, many of them innocent men, women and children. jennifer griffin is in the pentagon tonight. when did the u.s. military deploy these forces in the country of jordan? >> bill, u.s. defense officials tell us several months ago, about 150 army special operations forces were sent to jordan. they mainly are there to try and help jordan in the event that the syrian chemical and
4:37 pm
biological weapons were to fall into the wrong hands, they've been preparing for that eventuality. defense secretary panetta referred them as cbw in brussels. >> we have also been working with them in the effort to monitor the cbw sites and try to determine how best to respond to any concerns in that area and we've also been working with them to try to develop their own military operational capabilities in the event of any contingency there. >> the u.s. military held war exercises with the jordanians in may and operation known as eager lion 2012. it has been work closely with the jordanians to deal with the 200,000 syrian refugees that have flooded into jordan from syria, bill. >> bill: that's on its southern border with syria. on the northern borrowed, more tension between turkey and syria. what's happening there? >> of course, there had been
4:38 pm
artillery fired back and forth across the border between turkey and syria, but today turkish f-16 fighter jets escorted a syrian passenger plane, forced it to land because they had intelligence reports, we're told, that there were military fly supplies on board that passenger plane. the plane has since been allowed to leave, but turkey's foreign minister says that the air space over syria is no longer safe. >> bill: thank you. jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. an outspoken 14-year-old girl divide threats from the taliban for years before militants tracked her down and shot her. that's according to her father. the pakinstani teen, an advocate for girls' education, despite the religious extremism. the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton on deming the attack, urging support for women who struggle for basic rights often meets with violence. doctors say they were able to remove the bullet from her neck and that her condition is
4:39 pm
improving. however, she's still unconscious. we're learning that several of lance armstrong's former teammates testified against him during the doping investigation that ended his career. more details from a new federal report on that. plus billy clubs, hatchet, smoke grenade and a whole lot more in one guy's suitcase. and nobody caught it until after he arrived here in the united states. the latest on that investigation tonight here on the fox report wy who sells those remote control helicopters at the mall. buy 'em or don't. whatever man. either way, he gets to fly helicopters all day. and he eats the liquid gold of velveeta shells & cheese. achieve your dreams. eat like that guy you know.
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>> bill: the feds say they're trying to figure out why a u.s. citizen brought an arsenal of weapons with him. in a flight into los angeles in his checked luggage. here it is among the weapons, a smoke grenade with the potential to fill a airplane, a biohazard suit, knives, hatchet, three will billy club, collapsible baton, handcuffs and body bags. one u.s. official said it did not appear the passenger had any
4:43 pm
ties to any type of terrorist group. but a security team found all that stuff after he arrived at the airport lax on friday. he was wearing a bullet proof vest and flame resistant pants at the time. jonathan hunt heard strange stories in his time. los angeles was not his first stop, huh? >> no. it wasn't his first stop in the u.s. and that's the good news that the first time u.s. officials had a chance to nab him, they did. but he began his journey at an airport in osaka, japan, flew from there to korea. from there to l.a.x., and he was planning to fly on to his home in boston. he is a u.s. citizen. that is where his permanent residence is. u.s. officials say that they have questioned him at length. he's not being particularly cooperative, but they do not believe he's a terrorist. they do obviously, though, bill have a great deal of questions that they would like this young
4:44 pm
man, 28 years old, to answer. >> bill: i bet they do. did he actually do anything illegal? could we say that? >> the smoke grenade that was in his checked baggage, yes, it is illegal to carry that kind of device, even in your checked baggage. oddly, though, it is not illegal to wear a bullet proof vest and flame resistant pants. it is not illegal to have in your checked baggage a full face respirator, various knives, a hatchet, body bags, biohazard suit, various masks, duct tape, batteries, cooking tongs, plastic cuffs and device to repel dogs. while not illegal, it is highly suspicious. listen. >> you don't carry body bags and all these weapons that potentially could hurt or kill people because you're going to a party. he's part of a bigger portion of an investigation by boss stand police and la police and they have to find out what's behind
4:45 pm
these things that he was bringing back with him. >> obviously he was either on his way to a heck of a halloween party or his intentions were far more sinister. >> bill: thank you. it took evidence from dozens of people to take down the cyclist lance armstrong. u.s. anti-doping agency delivering its report on the decision it used to ban armstrong for life and strip him of seven tour defrance titles. the agency's boss saying the report has more than 1,000 pages of evidence that includes testimony from 26 different people, including 11 of his former teammates. and he said armstrong's team ran, quote, the most sophisticated professionalized and successful doping program the sport has ever seen, end quote. armstrong's lawyer called the report a hatchet job that revolved around serial perjurers and coerced testimony. armstrong denying doping and accused the agency of engaging in a witch hunt against him.
4:46 pm
for the first time in almost 80 years, america's pastime returning to our nation's capitol in the post season. playing baseball in october in washington. the nationals hosting st. louis cardinals today, game three of their first round playoff. the last home playoff game in washington, 1933 when the washington senators took on the new york giants. two teams that no longer exist today. the nats lost, but fans showing excitement about babbles comeback. they battle the cards tomorrow. a moment ago, the reds lost to the giants. that series is even at 2-2. game 5 the decider tomorrow afternoon there in cincinnati. a bomb squad called to a fair ground to take care of a big stash of explosive liquid. our top story on a fox trip across america. california. authorities say they found 96 bottles of highly flammable ether sitting at that napa
4:47 pm
valley fair ground. they say the safest thing was to blow it up right on the spot. doctors used ether as an anesthetic during surgery in the 1950s. these bottles were apparently part of a hospital's emergency stash. michigan. a factory in detroit packed with wooden pal lets went up in flames. a family next door says it's the second fire there in five years and it's been complaining about poorly stored pallets since the first one. an investigation underway. nobody hurt. utah. this woman says she was sitting in her home south of salt lake city when she saw a guy stealing her bike right outside the front door. >> i just immediately stood up and ran out the door. >> she didn't even have shoes on. but she flagged down a driver and followed the guy while she dialed the cops. they eventually caught him. florida. zoo keepers outside miami say the public is just days from seeing this little guy, oliver.
4:48 pm
a baby monkey born at the zoo. the staff says these monkeys are among the smartest and most socialable monkeys you will find and that's a fox watch across america. >> bill: that deadly meningitis outbreak killed yet another person. now there are new accusations about the pharmacy linked to the contaminated medicine. details on that in a moment here. but first, football star turned actor alex karas died today. a big man with an even bigger personality. he started his career as a defensive lineman with the detroit lions in 1958. as the lions president put it, his legacy reached far beyond the gridiron. after retiring, he gained fame in hollywood. first as mongo, the horse punching brute in "blazing saddle the." >> you can't park that animal over there.
4:49 pm
it's illegal. >> you tell him. >> bill: he later played an adopted dad in the sitcom "webster" from the 1980s and recent years, he suffered from dementia and among the more than 3500 other former players suing the nfl for brain damage, they claim, that linked to their playing days. we're told he died at home surrounded by family. alex karas, 77 years old the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> bill: a dozen people are now dead in the meningitis outbreak that health officials linked to contaminated steroid shots. the latest updates reports 137 total cases in ten different states, about a third of those in tennessee where six people
4:53 pm
alone have died. officials say as many as 13,000 people may be at risk. 13,000 after getting injections for back pain and other joint problems. the massachusetts pharmacy at the center of the outbreak has since issued a voluntary recall of its products. the latest death is out of florida. it turns out that person died months ago before authorities linked the infection to the steroid shots. jonathan is in atlanta. this death in florida happened in july. what do we know about it? >> that's right. it was a 70-year-old man, florida health officials confirmed he had received an injection of this medication in question, but it was long before federal health officials determined the medication had been tainted. this case just now being linned to the meningitis outbreak. bill. >> bill: now congress is getting involved. what's happening there? >> yes. some members of congress are concerned that these so-called compounding pharmacies don't face the same federal regulatory
4:54 pm
oversite as drug manufacturers. congressman edward marky of massachusetts plans to introduce legislation to fill what he calls a regulatory black hole. meanwhile, massachusetts governor says the new england compounding center may have violated its state license. instead of formulating specific privation for individual patients, he said they made large batches of meds for sale across state lines. more on that tomorrow morning. >> bill: we'll see you then. thank you. there in atlanta. the vanilla swirl likely the dessert of choice on the international space station. it was part of 1,000-pound payload on the first ever space cargo delivery by a commercial company. the space x dragon freighter reached the station today. the first of a dozen supply missions, part of a $1.6 billion contract with nasa. the inaugural flight had glitches. one of the rockets nine engines shut down after launch and
4:55 pm
because of that, a privately owned satellite went into a lower than expected orbit in space. a bank robbery suspect might have gotten away with it if it were not for his trip to the strip club. turns out he was handing out tainted tips. details coming up. se from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer.
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tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> bill: the trail of an accused bank robber led detroit police into a strip club. police say they received a call that someone passed bills covered in red dye at that establishment. police i.d'd the sloppy spender as the suspect in a bank robbery only two days earlier. he has since been promptly arrested. two walruses back from the brink up in the air. hitching a ride on a fed-ex cargo jet. crews rescued them in the ocean in july. they both spent the summer hanging out in the alaska sea
4:59 pm
life center and up with of them now headed to a new home with the indianapolis zoo. the other due to arrive at the new york aquarium tomorrow morning. so come on up here. on this day in 1971, the london bridge opened, not in london, but in arizona. it replaced the original london bridge in 1831. it was not designed for automobile traffic. by the 1960s, it was literally falling down. so the government decided to sell it. the winning bid, nearly 2 1/2 million dollars. crews dismantled the bridge brick by brick, they numbered each one and shipped it 10,000 miles away to arizona. after years of construction, the bridge reopened and now they claim london bridge as arizona's second largest tourist attraction after the grand canyon and americans got a taste of jolly old england 41 years ago today. s that that does it for this fox report, wednesday


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